Kessler cares

At Kessler Shaving Co., we care about every last detail. That's why we wanted to create something that is more permanent than any shave could ever be. We created Kessler Cares, a way that our small company can help make a big difference.


We will be giving 5% of our net profits to Zero, to throw our weight into the fight against prostate cancer. With one in eight American men getting diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime, there is no better time than now to buckle down and beat this.  

In the fight for life, cancer is the enemy. Sun Tzu said, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” Let's be honest, life can get messy. However, we believe one must seize the opportunity to do good in this world. That belief is the very heart of Kessler Cares and the reason we are so proud to be partnering with Zero.


If you would like to join our fight and donate with us, visit