Balm vs. Brace: Shaving Choices

After Shave is the predecessor of Post Shave Balm, a final step in the shaving process. The purpose of this product is to function as an astringent, closing the pores left open fresh after the shaving process. After it is applied, the skin will feel taut and toned, and in some cases, fragrant.

This aftershave astringent, an important part of any shaving kit, acts as an antiseptic treatment for any cuts or scrapes sustained during shaving. The burning brace that comes from the first application of aftershave comes from a principle antiseptic ingredient like alcohol hitting open pores or cuts. The biggest problem with After Shave lotion or skin brace is alcohol, which is often a principal ingredient and can be irritating and has a drying effect on the skin.

The skin becomes sensitive and vulnerable after the shaving process because both facial hair and facial oils are removed. Applying an alcohol-based, fragrance-enhanced product often has an irritating effect on the exposed skin. Men who suffer from razor bumps often find the swelling around the ingrown hairs worse.

Moisture-Enhanced & Collagen-Based Balms

An alternative to the alcohol-based After Shave lotion is a moisture-based Post Shave Balm. Instead of stripping the skin of natural oils, it seals the moisture in and gives the skin a smooth effect. Balm made with healthy, herbal essences prevents bacteria from growing in the pores that are exposed after a shave. The advantage a balm has over an aftershave is moisture is sealed in rather than stripped from the face.

It’s important to beware that the drying effect on the skin caused by harsh antiseptic products can bring on signs of early aging. The skin’s loss of moisture and collagen from its top layer is the primary cause of wrinkles. Without replacing lost moisture, the skin will accelerate its deterioration. A collagen-based skin balm is a helpful addition to an essential shaving kit.

Collagen-based balms are helpful for relieving the inflammation around hair follicles, which is caused by shaving bumps without damaging the skin. These balms have a deeply moisturizing and long-lasting effect that improves the moisture levels and elasticity of the skin. The result slows down the aging process.

Know What Goes on Your Face

Understanding the ingredients in a shaving balm is important. Care should be taken to understand the contents of any product especially those that are applied to the face. Daily application of the right balm can improve the quality of skin and enhance its attractiveness.

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