Simple Tips for Keeping Your Beard Looking Great

Many men can't imagine their faces without their beards. They strive to keep their beard healthy and looking great. Fortunately, keeping your beard in great shape is not too difficult or time consuming. You just need to know what to do and have the right beard grooming products. These days finding products for your beard is easy. You can even buy shaving supplies online, along with products for your beard. It doesn't get much easier than having what you need, conveniently delivered to your home. Now, read on to learn how to keep your beard in good health.

Keep it Clean

Just like you shampoo the hair on your head to keep it clean, you also must shampoo your beard.

  • Choose a mild shampoo, for beards.

  • You can wash your beard in the shower, which makes it easy and saves time.

  • Pat your beard dry.

  • You should shampoo your beard twice a week.

  • Never use face wash on your beard. It's too harsh and it will dry it out.


Keep your beard looking healthy and soft by using beard oil to condition it. Use this oil after you shampoo. If the weather has been dry, use beard oil daily. Otherwise, three to four times a week should be enough.

Brushing and Combing

You want your beard to be tangle free, so brushing and combing are a must. However, too much brushing can damage your beard. Therefore, it's recommended that you only brush your beard once a day. However, to ensure that you look neat and tangle free all day, you can comb your beard multiple times per day.


How often you should trim a beard will vary, depending on the individual. However, it is an essential part of beard care. Trimming keeps your beard looking healthy and well kept. Some men trim their beard weekly to keep it looking neat. Other men trim less often. If you are growing your beard out, you'll go a month or two between trimmings. If you want to keep the length consistent, trim your beard every couple of weeks.

Now, whether you've had a beard for years, or you're just starting to grow one, gather your beard grooming products, and make sure that you take good care of your beard. With these few simple steps, your beard will always look amazing.

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